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We supply aircrew training systems and specialised noise monitoring solutions to the Defence sector.

These optimise training outcomes, helping minimise risk to aircrew and civilians.


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CAS Defence Solutions

CAS Defence is a dedicated team in Computer Application Services (CAS) Limited with significant defence sector experience. We are proud to have worked with RAF Spadeadam for over 40 years.

We are an approved partner of BAE Systems, working alongside them on the latest contract for the RAF SPICCCS system (more details below). BAE Systems conduct rigorous risk-based due-diligence on all partners and suppliers and we are pleased to work with them.

We take quality and security extremely seriously; our accreditations include ISO 9001, ISO 270001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Aircrew Training Systems

Our Aircrew Training Systems provide a realistic, cost-effective training environment using a sophisticated Command, Control and Communications (C3) system.

This realistic training environment allows aircrews to develop and practice the tactics necessary to defeat ground based anti-aircraft systems. The system is flexible enough to cope with the changing threat scenarios that aircrew are likely to face.

As well as being technically complex the system must comply with very strict standards defined by the RAF. Participating aircrews are provided with timely and accurate feedback including 3D mission replay as soon as they land. This provides a powerful training environment to help maximise the benefit of each flying hour.

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Noise Monitoring Software

Our Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool (GNAT) is used in the planning and noise management phases of artillery ranges. It helps to ensure levels are kept within acceptable guidelines on ranges such as Salisbury Plain and Otterburn. As well as monitoring and mapping noise levels 24-7, the GNAT system has complex prediction capability.

GNAT predicts how sound from a modelled firing scenario will spread and attenuate taking account of weapons, shell types, terrain and prevailing weather conditions. Results are then displayed as easily readable noise contours over range mapping. Recent scenarios include determining whether a proposed joint operation training exercise would disturb a nearby colony of nesting seals.

About Us

Computer Application Services (CAS) is fully conversant with the procedural requirements of global defence contracts, including proposal preparation, project management, system design, system development and through-life support.

CAS is also the developer of Workpro case management software for complaints handling, HR case management, FOI (Freedom of Information) request tracking and other regulated casework. Workpro is used by public and private sector organisations throughout the UK and overseas, including many Ombudsman and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance, consistency and transparency in casework outcomes.

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